Key Questions

Is a road network the best way of improving access to services?

Roads are built to help people to get where they want to go. They are not the only way so planners should make sure that there are not better ways of making services more accessible to the people who use them.

Which roads best meet local needs for access?

If improving a road is proved to be the best option, it remains that they are expensive to build and maintain. Selection criteria must be applied to ensure that only those likely to be the most useful are improved.

What type of road is most appropriate to the needs of the traffic using them?

Roads become more expensive as the quality of service they provide improves, that is, as traveling on them is made easier and more economical. It is unwise to make them better then is absolutely necessary because that wastes funds which could be invested in other roads.

What techniques of construction and maintenance are the most appropriate?

Conventional construction techniques have become highly mechanized to save labour and require amounts of capital and foreign exchange which are increasingly scarce in many countries. It is therefore worthwhile to use techniques which substitute local labor and provide employment at the same time.

What must be done to ensure that knowledge and funds will be available to those who must manage and maintain them?

Once the network is finished, structures to finance, manage and carry out maintenance must also be put in place, If not, under the combined effects of traffic and weather, the roads will rapidly revert to impassibility and the effort and investment put into them will be lost.

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